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      Plasma Pen Treatment

      With time your skin naturally ages and whilst not noticeable day to day, the accumulation of time and environmental factors become more apparent mid life.

      It may feel these changes happened overnight but the fine or deep lines, wrinkles,  and hooded eyelids are progressive changes with age. The damage caused by the sun’s powerful rays create hyperpigmentation, sunspots, and various unslightly blemishes which can make you look and feel tired. In the past, the solution to treat some of these skin concerns involved invasive procedures like surgery, injections, and ablative lasers.

      I am thrilled to offer the revolutionary Plasma Pen treatment to successfully treat many ageing and skin concerns without invasive surgery, Botox, or Fillers. The Plasma Pen treatment uses Plasma energy to deliver safe and extremely effective skin treatments to target skin issues with outstanding and long lasting results.

      The Plasma Pen treatment is the  most advance non-surgical alternative for invasive procedures like a Blepharoplasty. Due to the natural thin skin of the eye lid,   the sophisticated Plasma Pen treatment is the only non-surgical solution for reducing excess skin on the eye lid, results from the Plasma Pen treatment can be comparable to the traditional eye lid surgery without breaking or cutting the skin. 

      Types of Plasma Pen Treatments

      I am happy to offer five Plasma Pen Treatments to accommodate individual client concerns, my Plasma Lift, Plasma Peel, Plasma Shower, Plasma Meso and Plasma Removal techniques can cater to all Fitzpatrick skin types to effectively reverse years of skin damage. 

      With my clients permission,  my work is featured on social media and on my website, please follow me on instagram for more results, I will never use before and afters that belong to someone else and my results are never photoshop.  If you are looking for an reliable Plasma Pen treatment in London, please don’t hesitate to book a consultation with me personally,


      The Plasma Pen Science

      A Plasma Pen treatment uses high-tech focused plasma energy to shrink skin. The actual Plasma energy is an ionised gas that holds an electrical charge. When the Plasma Pen is held above the skin the plasma energy will  sublimate  the Epidermis which creates a pull and immediate tightening of the skin surface, leaving behind a small carbon crust. During this process the Plasma energy is also heating the skins Dermis to activate the Fibroblast, this action is also known as Plasma Fibroblasting.

      Once the Fibroblast are stimulated they actively create collagen type 3, which over a period of 12 weeks converts to stronger collagen type 1, the increase in strong healthy collagen effectively reverses years of skin aging without leaving any scars. Depending on the application, Plasma Fibroblasting is able to target many different skin concerns. It has an outstanding effect on the skin and is able to regenerate skin tissue.

      Plasma not only increases skin collagen but increases elasticity whilst reducing pigmentation and oil production. It is also able to sterilise the skin and destroy bacteria. Plasma Fibroblasting is a safe and versatile treatment when correctly performed and should not be attempted at home.

      Treatment Areas

      • Hooded Eyelids (Non-surgical Blepharoplasty)
      • Xanthelasma (fatty eye deposits)
      • Smokers lines, Crow’s Feet, Frown lines etc
      • Lines and Wrinkles
      • Eye Bags
      • Brow Lift
      • Crepey neck
      • Acne scars and Stretch marks
      • Décolletage
      • Stretch Marks
      • Ear Lobes
      • Elbows and Knees
      • Sunspots
      •  Blemishes, Skin Tags, Milia,
      •  Moles, Warts and Verruca’s

      *Results may vary from person to person

      I want to thank Natalie from the bottom of my heart for the amazing attitude towards clients, for her professionalism and extraordinary knowledge of her business. My skin looks 10 years younger in just a few treatments and I cant wait to be able to resume my treatments after lockdown.

      Before a Plasma Pen Treatment

      A Plasma Pen treatment is a form of damage which is highly controlled by the skill of the practitioner and quality of the Plasma Pen device. The successful outcome of a Plasma Pen treatment is largely based on the healing ability of the body to create collagen and repair the controlled damage. It is imperative the client is fit and healthy with no underlying medical conditions that affects the immune system. To help the body’s ability to heal better and faster extra vitamins and healthy diet should be followed at least two weeks prior to a Plasma Pen treatment. 

      After the Plasma Pen Treatment

      Following a Plasma Pen Treatment you must absolutely adhere to your practitioners guidance, any deviation from the advice can compromise results, prolong the recovery period or cause unnecessary complications such as infection. 

      The Plasma carbon dots should be left untouched and allowed to fall off naturally. Depending on the specific treatment the carbon dots will take around 5-10 days to shed. 

      Smoking, drinking alcohol and coffee should be avoided

      Exercise should be avoided and depending on the specific treatment 

      Frequently asked questions

      Plasma is called the fourth state of matter after solid, liquid, and gas.  Sublimation involves direct vaporization and condensation of a solid without formation of an intermediate liquid phase essentially sublimation describes a solid turning into a gas, this is very similar to Vapourise where liquid turns into gas. A Plasma Pen device operates at a distance of approximately 1mm above the surface of the skin and creates a minuscule electrical arc at its tip. This arc is called the plasma arc. When the plasma arc touches the skin, it vapourises a micromillimeter-sized dot on the skin’s surface. This process is called sublimation. This enables the treatment imprint to be wider and shallower than traditional thermal only devices. This dot minimally tightens the skin in its vicinity. Several points applied together create a “reduction grid”. Through the application of grids in specific patterns, excess skin is tightened.

      considered soft surgery Plasma Soft Surgery is a NON-SURGICAL treatment that can achieve close to surgical results, without cutting or incisions. Plasma skin tightening uses a Plasma stream to sublimate (think vaporise) excess tissue and trigger tissue regeneration and collagen production. This is achieved without incisions or stitches

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      You should not have a Plasma Pen Treatment:


      • If you are breastfeeding

      • If you are pregnant

      • If you having an allergy to topical anesthetic preparations

      • If you have an autoimmune condition

      • If you having an infection at the treatment area

      • If you are using Isotretinoin for wrinkles or acne

      The Plasma Pen treatment is a true radical skin treatment, performed on the uppermost skin layer called the Epidermis. With the Plasma Pen treatment, no local or general anesthetic is required; no scalpels and no stitches or sutures. The treatment is low risk with minimal side effects and relative short downtime. Most patients can return to a normal state even a day after the treatment.

      Most clients feel comfortable during a Plasma Pen treatment, the skin is thoroughly  cleaned and prepared before topical anesthesia is applied. Whilst you may feel some tingling similar to sunburn during the treatment,  however you may feel little to no discomfort. The eyelids are an additional sensitive potential treatment area and the customers notice that they’re able to relax and rest throughout the procedure. Throughout the recovery period, following the actual treatment, there’s no pain. Instantly after the procedure, the treated skin is going to be pink, and a few might notice slight swelling close to the eyes if the upper and lower eyelids were treated. 

      Small dots, which are little scabs, will form. These tend to stay intact and remain dry till they naturally fall off. You’ll instantly see and feel tightening while the treatment is going on. It will continue to improve because the skin heals over a period of successive twelve week.

      A Plasma Pen treatment is a soft surgical procedure and considered permanent as pockets of the skins Epidermis is sublimated, imagine the action of vapourising skin.

      Due to the nature of skin ageing naturally, the  results from Plasma Pen treatment are expected to last for approximately 3 years.

      Following a Plasma Pen treatment, the skin can continue to age. Sun damage, smoking, diet, poor skincare, health are contributing factors. 

      Following a Plasma Pen Treatment you must absolutely follow your practitioner guidance, any deviation from the advice can compromise the results, prolong the recovery period or cause unnecessary complications such as infection. 


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