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Lipofirm Pro Treatment London by White Clinic

Lipofirm Pro Treatment London

White Clinic is proud to offer Lipofirm Pro Treatment London. Even the most dedicated gym fanatic or person striving to eat a healthy diet may require help in toning and shaping their body.

Best Lipofirm Pro Treatment Near Me

Lipofirm Pro Treatment, London is an amazing medical platform for fat reduction and body contouring modality which is 100% non-invasive without any downtime. This celebrity treatment is an incredible way to instantly tighten the loose-looking skin especially on your arms, reduce fat on your stomach or smooth stubborn cellulite on your thighs and more!

How Does Lipofirm Pro Work?

Lipofirm uses advance technology called Tri-polar Radio Frequency (TRF) and Tri-polar Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA), both modality with mechanical pressures, heats and break down the fat in the area that is then removed organically by the body itself so no post exercised is required although preferred.

Whilst fat is removed the treatment also exercises the muscle and rejuvenates the skin, the heat activates the skin fibroblasts to create collagen to tighten the skin to give a more youthful appearance.

Fat Reduction Treatment - White Clinic - Finchley - London

The Areas to Be Treated for Lipofirm pro Treatment London

Non surgical bum lift London

Lipofirm is a reliable treatment that lifts and re-shapes your buttocks leaving the region quite tight and even-toned. The Bum Lift minimizes the visibility of cellulite giving off a smoother, much defined, and sleeker look!

Cellulite Removal

The Lipofirm technique helps to improve cellulite visibility by encouraging and inducing blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, and oxygenation. In addition to working on the cellulite reduction, the area will be visibly lifted, defined, and reshaped providing a sleaker and tighter appearance.

Tummy Contour

Lipofirm technique focuses to bring definition to your abdominal region by increasing organic fat breakdown providing you with instant inch loss. It will also encourage the natural regeneration of collagen causing skin tightening and re-shaping while minimizing the visibility of stretch marks. This is the best fit for your after-pregnancy mummy tummy because of the instant results and no downtime.

Tummy Tuck

This treatment is inclined to tighten your skin and triggers the tissue restoration process in the abdominal area. Lipofirm is the perfect technique for post-pregnancy or for anyone who has lost inches as it encourages the regeneration of skin and assists in improving the stretch marks.

LipoFirm Pro is Full Body Solution

This body treatment will help you achieve inch loss, skin tightening, toning, and removal of cellulite in the targeted regions. You may choose from any of the following regions:

Neck and Face, Upper Arms, Tummy, Waist, Buttocks, Backside of Thighs, and Front side of Thighs.

How Does Lipofirm fat reduction Treatment Work on Your Body - White Clinic - Finchley - London

How Does Lipofirm pro Treatment, London Work on Your Body?

The heat generated from TRF and DMA targets the areas containing pockets of fat and helps them to metabolize. Right after this event, the liquid form of fat is deliberately extracted from the cells that are then absorbed by the body muscles. Both the mechanical pressures and dynamic muscle activation lead to the contraction of muscles throughout this process.

This technique uses a triple-action process that simultaneously exercises the following:

  • Lipofirm extracts fat using proven Radio-Frequency energy, fat cells are heated and secreted as liquid fat.
  • Lipofirm naturally removes the released fat using a patented lymphatic drainage technique.
  • Lipofirm restores the skin shape by applying the energy from the radiofrequency that results in the instant contraction of collagen and long-lasting rejuvenation of collagen.

Why choose Lipofirm Pro

  • Face Contouring
  • Skin Firming and Tightening
  • Long-Lasting circumferential decline
  • Non-Invasive Cellulite reduction
  • Targeted fat and wrinkle removal
  • The even-toning, lifting, and firming of muscles.
  • Increased blood circulation and oxygenation of tissues
  • No-pain with minimum side effects.

Benefits of Lipofirm Pro

  • It assists in permanent fat reduction.
  • It helps you achieve inch loss.
  • It helps in body sculpting.
  • It helps in skin tightening.
  • It helps in cellulite reduction.
  • It helps to improve the stretch mark appearance.
  • It helps in fine line and wrinkles reduction.
  • It helps to prevent aging skin.

How Does Fat Reduction Treatment Work on Your Face?

The energy released from Tri-lipo Radio Frequency heats up the skin and results in the contraction of collagen fibres. The contraction helps in instant skin tightening and enhances the skin texture. Meanwhile, the heat stimulates the fibroblast cells to initiate new collagen development. The new collagen provides the skin with revived firmness and flexibility.


Moreover, the Trilipo Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA) technique triggers and helps to tone the muscles under the skin that provides a non-invasive face lifting appearance.

This treatment is clinically tested to minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and scars on the face. In addition to it, it renews the firmness and smooth the skin.

How Does Fat Reduction Lipofirm Treatment Work on Your Face - White Clinic - Finchley - London


Most frequent questions and answers

A multitude of aesthetic problems can be solved using the Lipofirm Pro treatment, and it is one of the most incredible body shaping techniques to this date. The range including from contouring the tummy to lifting the buttocks, in addition to the facelifts and cellulite reduction, nothing much is left behind that it cannot deal with. It is safe to say that this is a non-invasive technique, almost every person can take benefit from the treatment.

The following symptoms are very rare to occur, but sometimes you may face some skin issues such as itching and burning. If you ever had a full-time gym workout and experienced the pain the following day, this is how most of the clients describe the sensation after going through the treatment.

Yes, you’ll get positive results from Lipofirm treatment. Many scientific studies reveal the efficacy of Lipofirm Pro treatment in contracting fat cells and cellulite. 

No, Lipofirm Pro is a pain-free procedure. You’ll feel slight discomfort due to the pressure applied on the applicator or the stimulation of dynamic muscles. This can create a mild electric shock effect that is bearable. 

A typical Lipofirm session will last one hour, however an additional 15 mins may be required for before and after body measurements, and body images to be captured so your development can be monitered.

The Lipofirm treatment can be utilized to treat the fat pockets residing in several regions of your body that include your stomach, arms, legs, buttocks, face, and neck. This treatment comes along with almost zero percent recovery period and may take as little as half an hour to one hour  to complete each session.

Lipofirm Treatment Before and After Results - White Clinic - Finchley - London

Lipofirm Pro Treatment before and After Results

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